Healthy Manchester near Arena - TNQ ?

Hello John ( ane everyone else )

Taking other half to a ‘show’ at t’Arena next week. Likley coming into Piccadily by train.
Looking for a helathy(ish) tea en route. Is there anywhere other than TNQ worth looking at, given its
(hopefully still ?) solid grub and location?
Thanks in advance.

PS off to Moor Hall this Saturday :slight_smile:

TNQ remains a star in the city. Particulary for near the Arena. Make a reservation - it’ll probably be busy with Arena customers.

And, talk about co-incidences, we’re at Moor Hall tomorrow. It’s return visit - thoroughly enjoyed the visit last November. Are you doing the main restaurant or the casual place?

Cheers John
Will book TNQ.
As for Moor Hall,how spooky is that ?!
We are going for the ‘full hit’ ,staying over Saturday night ( even though its only about 25 mins from home ) and dinner in the main restaurant. Birthday gift from my other half, which is nice.
How about you ?
Let me know if it has maintained its standards since you last visited.
Haven’t ready anything about the casual place but super excited ahead of Saturday and will certainly go casual soon if its good this weekend.

It’s about an hours drive for us. Although it took bleeding ages last trip (traffic just down the road from here round the Trafford Centre). We rang them from the car to apologise. We usually work to a rule that a 60 minute journey is tops for a normal dinner - anything longer involves an overnighter.

FWIW, menu for the casual place at Moor Hall doesnt look any great shakes. Fairly standard bistro type stuff.