Heads up, Polar seltzer fans!

Apparently Polar has recently introduced a new product: Seltzerade! http://www.bostonmagazine.com/health/blog/2017/02/15/polar-seltzerade/#l3kfeLSAmLLZcs1f.01

According to the article these will be slightly more intensely flavored versions of seltzer, with a citrus base. Lemon is actually one of my least favorite seltzer flavors, but I do like it in combination with other things, so I’m interested to try some of these. Has anyone spotted them on shelves yet?

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Love Polar seltzer and all its flavors (except vanilla - it puts me off for some reason!) These look great! I have to keep my sugar down and I get so tired of water and seltzer constantly. Looking forward to trying it if it comes to the NYC area.

I’m glad you reminded me of this - I found these at Stop and Shop the other day! We bought the Blueberry Lemonade and Raspberry Lemonade flavors. Both excellent. A little more intensely flavored than their standard product, and IMO the lemon flavor is more real-tasting. I am not actually a big fan of their standard lemon seltzer but this stuff is really good. It seems to only be available in cans, though, so it’s quite a bit more expensive than the liter bottles.

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LOL! I just noticed your original post was a little over a year ago! Great - glad you found it! Which Stop n Shop had it?

I’m pretty sure we picked it up at the Dobbs Ferry location.