Headlight cleaner upper

Today I broke down and stopped at my local auto parts store. My headlights on my little 1995 Chevy S-10 pickup just wasnt doing the job it needed to do. OMG, the difference is amazing. If you have a car that has headlights with the foggy. I never realized how bad the haze diluted the effectiveness and brightness of the headlights. If you want to know what I used PM me and I will share. In the meantime, if your headlamps are foggy, stop and get them clean. Now what other auto related problems do I need to pay attention to. BTW, I love my little truck. It was free.

I just noticed coming back from the job tonight my 89 GMC truck lights were not as good as my 2014 Altima Sl headlights . I wonder ???

Hi, joiei:

I have used one of these products too, and was very happy.

I confess that I didn’t notice my lights being any brighter afterwards, but as long as oncoming drivers see my lights better, I’m ecstatic.

Bonus: The product actually improved the looks of my shitbox daily driver…


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I noticed a huge difference tonight when I made a run to the wine store before they closed.

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Can I eat it?


I recently read that toothpaste does the job well.

Yeah, but it’s notoriously difficult to pair with wine.


I had a bunch of ‘scuffs’ on a car I was fixing to sell, private deal…

got a can of rubbing compound. it did a wonderful job of extracting the little marks/scuffs into the ether, and . . . . unfrosted the plastic ‘air domes’ over the headlights.

some cars us plastic, some use glass - the surface of the plastic seems to cloud over time - the buffering/rubbing compound made them crystal clear. no clue how long the effect lasts - sold the car . . .

I guess you could but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Toothpaste or metal polish work pretty well but the haze will return over time since the UV coating is what is turns yellow to begin with. For the really crusty stuff, sanding and polishing is needed.

I know Sam’s Club will do both lights for about $30 and spray sealant on them so they stay clear.

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