Heading to Dallas/Ft. Worth this weekend . . .

Looking for “only in Texas” places; foods I can’t find/aren’t done well in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Any “don’t miss __________” suggestions?

I can’t be much help as I’m in Houston and avoid Dallas like a herd of locusts, but I’m given to understand that some great BBQ can be had at Pecan Lodge.

There’ll be a line, but that’s become commonplace at good Texas bbq shops.


If you go, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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How long are you going to be there? Just a day or two? Or several days? And what part of “DFW”? Will you have a car?

My son lives in the SFO Bay Area and when he comes to Texas all he wants is barbecue and Mexican food. As everybody knows, your Bay Area offers plenty of excellent options for other things.

Pecan Lodge is definitely a “must do.”

And in Ft. Worth, Lonesome Dove is definitely something you can’t find at home.


Depending upon how long you’re staying and in which part of town you’re staying, and what kind of “Mexican food” you’d like to try (If any), there are many excellent Mexican food choices.