Headed to St. Thomas

We’re headed to St Thomas toward the end of March. We’ll be staying in the East End, and I’m particularly interested in restaurant and grocery (including beer and wine) in that area, but we’ll be pretty mobile. What’s still there and what’s new that’s good?

Ah, no replies. Well, we went and found some very good places to eat in Red Hook, near were we stayed, notably XO in Red Hook, which was very good, and Easterling, which was fantastic. Duffy’s Love Shack is quite good. Bleuwater in the Ritz Carlton Hotel was good, but they really need to have a menu makeover. Frenchtown Deli had a good breakfast on our departure day. Moe’s in Red Hook is definitely the best grocery on the island. They also have a good wine selection. I’ll have blog posts on our San Juan trip in a couple of weeks (johntannersbbqblog) that will have more details

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