Headed back to Dublin in late December. Thoughts anyone?

Informal or fancy; interesting and good is best. Also need something for my birthday dinner. Can’t seem to find anyone talking about Ireland . . . Thanks for any assistance!

Leo Burdock for fish & chips? Short ride to King Sitric in Howth?

We had an interesting dinner a few years ago at Le Gueuleton on Fade St. It’s rather informal from what I remember. I’d definitely recommend a hearty breakfast at Bewley’s cafe on Grafton St. The room is beautiful, and the food is excellent as are the choices at the Avoca Rooftop restaurant nearby… lunch or breakfast.

Oy. Bewley’s kindles good memories:


Appreciate these comments. Would love to hear more. Thank you!

Here’s a video with Andy Hayler, a wonderful food critic. He mentions a lot of places my friend, who lives in Dublin, recommends.

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Try The Pig’s Ear. Pretty good when I went there last year and a cut above everything else I tried.

Thanks so much. We have booked there. Also going to try Forest Park and Etto - would be interested in others’ views on those. Because we are going between Christmas and New Year’s there are places that are closed. I think we will never actually get to Chapter One!

Oh my!! Forest Avenue! You’d think I would have gotten the name right, since the restaurant is named after a street in the city where I live! Apologies.

I don’t know if you have seen Kevin Dundons Modern Irish Food on PBS but I think he is a brilliant and innovative cook. His basics series is also great, I’ve been cooking for 50 years and I still learned things from him.

His Dunbrody Country House Hotel is about two hours south by car from Dublin, close to Waterford.

If I had cause to go to Ireland again his restaurant would be high on my list of places to visit, I understand it is a destination restaurant for people from the UK.

Dundon also does a special Christmas menu which he has featured on the show.

See if you can find some episodes and think about whether this might be of interest.

Just checked the website, apparently they also offer one and two day cooking courses if that is of interest. It would be for me.

Dorset St tehre are a couple of good Sichuan Places for a casual lunch - I haven’t really been fancy in Dublin though I can give lots of non-touristy pubs

Thank you for these, I will check them out!

I hear there is also celeb watching potential at Dunbrody, apparently there have been Bono and Graham Norton sightings there.

They also have a spa…