Headcount HOdown 5/20 5 pm Fernandes 3 ****PLEASE NOTE TIME HAS CHANGED****

Now that we are in May, let’s get an accurate count. We are eating at Fernandes 3 in South Amboy starting at 6 pm on Saturday May 20th. Just post “In” with the number of people in your party here please.

In - 2

I’m in +2

Hmmmmmm well I’m just letting you know now, when we dance I lead!!

Is “dance” a euphemism?



2 of us are in but I’m not sitting between Seal & JR in case they get frisky.


Thank you!!! {{sigh of relief}}

I’m game


Nice!!! Wait, your talking about dinner not the Motel /Chewbacca thing right?

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I’m guessing he’s in for both.

(setting out gold bikini and frowning at the mirror thinking I’m too fat) So, are we doing this or not?

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I’m hoping to get there but can’t 100% confirm yet…will keep you posted

So first Curlz “couldn’t make it”. Then Seal mentions the gold bikini and all of a sudden she’s “hoping to get there”. She has obviously never seen JR when he gets jealous.


Sometimes it just takes a special push… :wink:


So far, unless @joonjoon is bringing a guest, we have 7.

Oops I bumped up the wrong thread.

((Lights Blinking on and off))

Last call for alcohol!! You don’t have to go home but you cant’ stay here…

Looks like we are going to have to call last call on the 5/20 Fernandes HOdown!! Anyone else in??? So far we have 7 with one baby @seal pending…more the merrier!!

@CurlzNJ??? You going to make it? Anyone else? Come one come all, chug down your alcohol this is last call !!!

I’m really hoping to get there but won’t know for sure until Saturday afternoon

***** The reservations have been made however the restaurant could only accommodate a party of 8 for 5pm NOT 6pm. Please be advised the time has been changed to 5pm not 6pm as originally planned****

Reservation is under the name Debbie. Please inbox me with any questions or for my cell number if you would like to have it for coordination purposes. (if you want me to talk naughty to you there will be a $3.95 per minute charge. You should honestly take advantage of this offer because currently @seal pays me $5.95 per minute for this service)

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Credit: CiaoHo