HBOMax original biopic, "Julia"

The film critic on Fresh Air glazed it with raves. The first three episodes all air 3/31 and the other 5, weekly for 5 weeks. Its main focus is the relationship of Julia and Paul before MTAOFC was published.

I got the wrong impression originally. As “Julia” begins, MTAOFC has been published, to much acclaim from American home cooks, and Julia demonstrates making a French omelet on WGBH’s book discussion program. She is at that point working on the SECOND volume, but can’t resist the chance to have an educational cooking show. I think Sarah Lancashire (Happy Valley, Last Tango in Halifax, et al) is an excellent Julia, as good in her way as Meryl Streep in hers. David Hyde Pierce makes the most of occasional opportunities to display a less extravagant version of the fussbudget physical comedy he demonstrated as Niles Crane. There’s more focus on the Child marriage here than in “Julie & Julia”, and on the team of friends and media professionals who created The French Chef. It is breezier in overall tone. So far, I prefer it to “Julie & Julia”, which I LOVED!

Not about Julie and Julia? (Guess you have mentioned it too)