Hawker Eats in San Francisco

Hawker Eats is a tiny 18-seat restaurant on the corner of Balboa Street at 18th Avenue with 10 two-tops and 2 tables for four. Lunch is 11 am to 2 pm. Dinner 5 pm to 9 pm.
Waiting for the ban to lift on crab season, I ordered the soft-shell crab $8 and was perfectly happy with this panko-crusted crab on the small plates side of the menu. We also shared six skewers on the Skewer Sampler $15 with delectable sauces. I am intrigued and will return for more.
At noon on Saturday, there are no empty tables. 1650 Balboa St.

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They seem to be related to Kaiju Eats on Geary?

This split off from Kaiju on Geary. The food here at Hawker Eats is more refined - and more delicious.

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The butterfish sashimi is perfection - when available, I will always ask for this.

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is that butterfish escolar, or something else?

Are you concerned with the gempylotoxin warnings for escolar?

Just wondering whether the restaurant provided any more details on what fish it was. One restaurant i used to go to labeled black cod as butterfish, which was harmless. I haven’t had problems in the past eating a piece or two of escolar sushi but tend to avoid it nowadays.

Thanks for posting this. I walk by here all the time (it’s four blocks from our apartment), and have been wondering about this place.

This used to be sort of a cursed corner, with a succession of places lasting no more than a year. Then Golden Chopsticks was there for a decade or so, and they closed sometime last year. I walked past there last week at around 6:00 pm and there were 4 or 5 people waiting outside, so it does seem popular.

yes it does seem that ‘butterfish’ is a catchall that can be anything… I know this was not black cod… but if it is indeed the suspicious escolar, we did not suffer from its toxin.

Hawker Eats is so tiny, arrive early or be prepared to add your name to the Wait List and join the line outside the door.
I hope the curse is lifted; Kevin and Judy are a gift to the neighborhood.

I’m first in line! Finding parking was difficult though.

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Enjoyed the tonkotsu ramen (a bit light on noodles but had tons of pork). Watermelon juice served in personal-sized watermelon was a big plus.

wish I lived within walking distance

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