Hawaiian Burgers

Many years ago I discovered the Hawaiian burger at an Islands restaurant. It is served up on a whole wheat bun, with mayo, onions, and lettuce on the bottom bun, then the patty and cheese, and teriyaki sauce and a pineapple slice before the top bun. This became one of my favs… so much so that I always kept a bottle of “Very Teriyaki” sauce in my fridge.

Today I experimented with some other ingredients that have worked well in other places and came up with the following:

1.) Teaspoon or two of EVOO in a small skillet. Heat on medium/low 'till shimmering.

2.) Add 1/4+ cup thinly sliced onions and pinch of kosher salt and cook 'till browned (almost like jam). Then a half teaspoon each of minced garlic and ginger.

3.) Add fresh pineapple (a 3/8" thick slice, or equal amount of chunks).

4.) Add a tablespoon+ of BBQ sauce (I use Stubbs original) and stir to warm well.

5.) On a toasted burger bun, add mayo and shredded lettuce to bottom, and above mixture to top, with your burger topped with pepperjack cheese in the middle. A strip or two of bacon would also be a worthy addition.



Char Pit in North Lake Tahoe has a Tiki Burger with teriyaki sauce and grilled pineapple - I always end up getting it.

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… and it was. Last night I did three half-strips of bacon in the skillet. Removed, and skipped the oil and salt and did everything else in the bacon fat. Serious, artery clogging yum!