Hawaiian Burger - revisited

I have done these a number of ways, usually with fresh onion, mayo, pineapple slice and Teriyaki sauce, but today did a different method.

In a 4oz bowl I combined BBQ sauce (Stubb’s original), with a splash of soy sauce, brown sugar, and thin chunks of fresh pineapple.

I then caramelized thinly sliced white onions with julienned green bell pepper in butter, and when seriously browned, added the above sauce/fruit and reduced until thickened.

Burger was pan fried with cheese added after seasoning/turning, and placed cheese side down on bottom of toasted bun. The thickened BBQ/onion/pepper/pineapple sauce was then added to the top of the burger, covered with the top of the toasted bun.

OMG, seriously yum!


What type of bun did you choose: plain white, multigrain, Brioche, potato?

It does sound delicious indeed.

I didn’t have time to make buns, so just used a store bought sesame seed bun. Next time I will do this with a take on a brioche style onion bun (with caramelized onions folded into the dough).