Have you used UberFresh or GrubHub food delivery?

While some restaurants do delivery, many of the restaurants I visit have signed up with Grub Hub or the newest kid on the block, UberFresh Delivery. Have you used these services? How did it turn out? Did the order arrive in a good timely fashion?

Grubhub and seamless are basically the same company.
The delivery/timing/quality depends entirely on the individual restaurant.
***i strongly encourage you to support nyc restaurants by avoiding these sites and calling directly to place an order- the restaurant is charged a nearly 30% (!!) fee on your order which really hurts independent restaurants


I have used grubhub when traveling and staying in hotels, but it always reminds me how how differently some of the world lives. I grew up in Queens, but now, no Uber or GrubHub where I live, but I can grow lots of stuff…So there’s that.

They are fine. I used grub hub once just to cash in on the intro offer. I personally prefer to call the restaurant directly. Not sure why something as simple as delivery needs a middle man, I’d rather the restaurant get my money than a useless intermediary.

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Trockwood, you are right about the fee these delivery services charge. In talking to one restaurant owner I know, he signed up for the service knowing this. Taking the attitude: the six orders I received last month were better than nothing…There are also certain advertising incentives.

Oh i feel like the restaurants really must be on seamless etc for so many reasons, it’s just that knowing how so many smaller independent restaurants keep closing in nyc i’m trying to do my part to help out, pick up the phone and tell others to please do the same before the city’s only options are chains…

Most of my local restaurants do not offer delivery. I have accounts at Grubhub, UberEATS, and door dash. Not every service, delivers from every restaurant. In my area, Door Dash offers delivery from the restaurants I am interested in.

The charge ranges from $7-10, plus tip. In addition, the prices on the website (door dash) may be higher than those on the take out menu.

I use this service when, after having a couple of beers, don’t want to eat leftovers or pantry/freezer food.

If you like your beef med-rare, order rare, the insulated container in the insulated bag will continue to cook your prime rib.

The service does come with a cost all around. Your approach is a good one…

Can someone explain to me how these business models do not violate Usury laws?

Does anyone know what happens if yo use one of these apps to order and payments but pick it up yourself `