Have you invited some really stupid people over to eat cheese?

Then you might need this:



Helpful for the color-blind?

Not inviting these people is cheaper than inviting them, with the picks at $3 each.

You are so funny! I’m dying to order all the different ones (stinky, hard, gouda), then randomly stick them in the cheeses. We will see who is worthy!


The only other bi-color cheese I can think of is port wine cheddar. Which looks nothing like blue cheese, even to the color-blind, so I stand by my original thread title.

There are some cheeses with ash in the middle - Humboldt Fog, Morbier - but the line of ash doesn’t look like mold veins, so I support your thread title, it made me laugh.


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Much better idea…! Them convince the guests their palette is not nuanced enough to realize that is actually a very mild blue cheese brie they’re enjoying :wink:

I don’t think the problem is stupid guests; it’s stupid people buying cheesepicks.

They claim they have five - tho’ I only saw blue and gouda. It’s reasonable to assume the other three are equally mundane, (brie, chevre, whatever). If your guests are THAT cheese uneducated, (only stupid people refer to others as “stupid” - we ALL have gaps in our knowledge), then even those labels probably won’t be helpful.

They’re just table decorations. They can’t possibly be helpful to really anyone.