Have You Developed Strange Cravings During Covid?

Just wondering, if during this time, any of you are experiencing atypical cravings for regular meals or snack foods?

I certainly have, and other than a general desire to eat comfort or nostalgia food, I absolutely must have pork rinds in the house at all times. These were things I’ve always had, but extremely rarely, and even then would only eat a very few. Now I’m addicted to them and like the hot and spicy chicharonnes. The southern style sweet and spicy are my favorites when I can find them. They have just the merest hint of sweetness.

I’ve also overcome some strange aversions that developed when I was sick.
Weirdly, I started to dislike pizza rather intensely, along with chicken, French fries, and ice cream. Not terrible aversions to have for weight control🙃 But I’m back to liking everything but ice cream. That will probably go away with time though.

We have been drinking more water and eating more celery for some reason. Craving watery things, ie. Celery, cukes, watermelon, etc.

Pretzels. I’ve never disliked pretzels, but now I must have a bag in the house at all times (I’m currently working on a bag of Utz sourdough).

Oddly, I’ve been off pasta lately. Maybe too much of it early in the shutdown? Most of the places near me that deliver are Italian, so to avoid too many pizzas, hoagies and cheesesteaks, we were ordering lots of dinner meals of ravioli, ziti, stuffed shells, etc.

I also used to eat bacon 3-4 times a week. I think I’ve had the same pound of unopened bacon in the fridge for a month or two now. Just no longer appeals in the morning.