Have any Thai dining fans tried this newish South Bay place? [Los Gatos]

I’ve enjoyed two meals here. Opened in December, good service, encourages BYOB and 5 levels of hot. I convinced them to serve me Thai Spice Level 1 on my second visit, was pretty happy about it. We brought our own wine and dinner for four was $120 including a 20% tip. Not bad for Los Gatos. But, after having read various posts re too sweet Thai meals in SFBA, I am wondering how this place stacks up? Has anyone here on HO been to Golden Triangle Cuisine?

Spring Rolls (maybe that peanut sauce at the base was a little sweet now that I think about it.)

A scallop starter, didn’t get to try it, must have done something wrong…

Somebody had to get a rice dish.

My choice, green curry chicken @ Thai Spice level 1.

Next time I’m going to Thai Spice level 2 (highest of heat.)

The menu is pretty interesting- they cover food from all over Asia- Myanmar, Taiwanese, Chinese, Indian, Korean, and of course Thai. I have not been. I am curious if you have been to Coup de Thai in Los Gatos (I haven’t been) and if so how do they compare to Golden Triangle? Coup de Thai are run by the same folks that own Must be Thai, next to Valley Fair, and MBT is my favorite Thai in the South Bay.

We’ve enjoyed both, Coup de Thai seems more straight ahead Thai. Golden Triangle does offer some interesting additions. The chicken biryani we tried on our first visit was presented with a pastry shell on top and was very satisfying. They also served a dish with clusters of fresh green peppercorns that I was very impressed by, need to go back and ask them which dish that was and get it a higher level of heat. (They are quite hesitant to serve spicy food to unsuspecting customers…)

They have a couple with young peppercorn: Spicy Seafood on Herb in a Clay Pot and Taiwanese Bamboo Shoot with Fired Homemade Chili Paste. If you like young peppercorn or nam prik, Must be Thai has a Khao King dish full of it and I liked it much. Don’t know if Coup de Thai has it.

I was told that young peppercorn is called prik thai instead. Nam prik is chili sauce instead!

Just checked the menu, the other dishes we liked included:

  • Taiwanese Bamboo Shoot with Fired Homemade Chili Paste (young peppercorns)
  • Chicken Biryani Indian style
  • Herbal Fried Rice (sour taste)
  • Spicy Basil with Eggplants

None of these seemed “sweet” to me.

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