Have any of you been 'catfished' on the food forums?

I ask since there has been a poster on CH and FTC for the past 8+ years a guy that goes by ‘Bert’…I’m dyslexic but the BOS and SAN boards posts within minutes…sometimes 3am …
You try and subtely call it out but you definitely
See a pattern…from his verbiage of ‘Yah’ too other giveaways…

Do you call out someone whom is clearly the coco puffs card or do you just let it slide…BTW, this guy is huge in the SD scene…

I am not entirely sure what you are asking. Can you be a bit more clear? Why do we want to call him out? On what again?

I ask because he is falsely playing all of who and what he is and where he so called lives, he gives advice like he really is that person but he’s been playing all of us for years…
Its a total mind fuck…
Sad really…

So he’s impersonating another person? Or he’s created a false identity? The movie Catfish was about a woman misrepresenting herself in order to pursue a romantic relationship with a guy she met online. What you describe doesn’t sound like that.

Bert ? I have been on FTC from the beginning . Major contributors to the SD board are. Plume , Ipse , Doc Chow , Rhoney . Haven’t heard of him .

There was a Chowhound user who made no sense at all, and whose posts were very repetitive. Several flags to the mods yielded nothing but reprimands to those who reported this user as a probable spoof or chatbot. Eventually, “s/he” posted about “crochet salmon”, because these words appeared in threads current at the time. Perhaps others did as well, but I sent the Mods a message saying, in essence, “WTF? QED!” That was the last ever heard from ol’ Smiley.

I have doubts that several frequent CH users are as they represent themselves. The red flags are in areas including location, education, expertise, age, and physical condition. But it’s not a crime to misrepresent yourself, as long as you are not cheating or injuring your readers, so I just maintain a healthy level of skepticism.

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Why would you assume that they were. The internet generally gives anonymity for us to assume a persona. And, just to be clear, I am not as I represent myself, although I’m not quite sure how my persona might be perceived - but, trust me, it isn’t me.


There are a few that I scratch my head about on CH.

I particularly enjoy the “Roz” saga.


I’ve suspected this for years…


Do tell who!?!?!

I don’t know anything about Bert, but there was this guy over on Chow his handle was Jrvedivici, if my memory serves me correct. He would often boast about his good looks, his charm and wit were unmatched by others. I often found myself simply in awe of the guy, so much so I convinced myself he was truly too good to be true. I often wonder what ever became of that good looking bastard…


BOS? as in boston board? that’s my local and i don’t recall a bert.

I often wonder that too. He certainly was a bastard!


Ummmmm…“good looking bastard” it kind of all goes together.


Ah, sorry. Hadnt appreciated that . I’d assumed we were on a “pick & mix” with the words

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Oh but Smiley was real! :scream: I once googled her based on all the personal info she used to provide, out of plain curiosity. I found other message boards she posted on, and she had the same weird posts there and also on Twitter.

Still could have been a chatbot/Turing test. The sudden disappearance after the “crochet salmon” post supports that hypothesis, but who knows? There are plenty of odd ducks in the cyberpond.


Plume is a rock star over at FTC. .

The word of the day is: Dyslexic


There is a real beauty in the last month on CH, with the classic nom de plume on the SD/Kosher site…
IMO, its the same person on the SD/ BOS board…

It’s so obvious, you gotta laugh.