Hatchet Hall (Los Angeles)

When we are in LA and have to decide which restaurants to pick for dinner it is always hard to find the right balance between our “old” favorites and trying something new. One “new” restaurant which is on our list for quite some time is Hatchet Hall.

This time we decide to finally go there and were really impressed. Starting from the very well executed food (and cocktails) to the nice covered patio and great, but relaxed, service. Can’t wait to be back at our next visit to LA.

Dry-aged kanpachi crudo, citrus, horseradish, smoked olive oil
Great texture of the kanpachi - soft yet “al dente”

Mixed greens, avocado, beet, lemon-balsamic
Simple salad but very fresh tasting with great flavors and textures

Deviled eggs, buttermilk, celery salt, aleppo
Good addition of buttermilk to have a tangy note

Benton’s 20 months country ham + house potato rolls, honey butter, sea salt, sesame
Perfect combination of warm rolls, salty ham and butter

Loaded baked potato gnocchi, creme fraiche, white cheddar, bacon
Soft pillows in a flavorful sauce with crisp bacon

Meatloaf & mash, free range turkey, smoked tomato glazed
Really good meatloaf with a good smokey flavor - excellent mashed potatoes

Braised Peads & Barnetts pork belly, grits, cranberry beans, cider jus
Hard to resist when pork belly is on the menu - melt in your mouth tender pork with the jus cutting through the richness of the meat and grits

Ember grilled garden of carrots, cumin yoghurt, za’atar, honeycomb
Smokey, tender carrots which still retained some bite. The addition of honeycomb was really elevating the dish

Fermented & grilled cone cabbage, salsa verde, sumac, sesame
Reminiscent of sauerkraut but with more smokiness and bitterness from the salsa verde.

Banana puddin’, scorched meringue
As the portions were quite generous we could only manage one dessert but it was another highlight with a wonderful intense banana flavor.


I’ve been once, several years ago but had a great meal there as well.

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Wow - everything looks and sounds incredible!

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