Hatch Pepper Houston

The Wifeacita reports OUR HEB is roasting the chiles.


Jealous. We have a couple supermarkets that roast here in NJ. I usually trek a couple hours to pick them up. Miss buying then roadside.


Walked out with 4 lbs this morning. I paid of course. Now I need to portion out for the freezer.

And Bunker Hill was crazy busy. I thought I was being crafty hitting it on a Sunday morning, but I overestimated religious observance in this town. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: AND they reorganized the store since last time I was there. Is there anything more irritating? I walked a mile and a half looking for dishwasher soap.

I’m thinking this could improve any cup of gumbo!

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Fortunately/unfortunately I have handicap parking but that lot is still a zoo. Once you get in it’s not so bad but beware the back aisle.

The reorganizing? Hey, that was my job at Best Buy to confuse the public many of whom we didn’t like anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously it’s a necessary evil as hot new items come in and some are discontinued.

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No kidding, I took a look and didn’t even try. The deli counter at the beginning of the back aisle was three deep. If they are to reorganize I would suggest fixing the bottleneck in the back aisle somehow.

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This is what we have in NJ. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to have it but…


That’ll do!

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New updates so do have a local roast. 90 minute drive but worth it as they usually have some hot.

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Same question, new year. Does anyone know if HEB is roasting hatch chiles now? It’s not available on the curbside menu.

If you haven’t heard about it, they ain’t doing it.

Seriously though, they’re not advertising it “yet” but Wednesday will be the start of another ad week and if I was a betting man…

Thanks friend. It used to be August but the last couple of years it has started in July. I really don’t want to brave that crowd just to find out it’s not in the cooler yet. I have become terribly dependent on curbside.


Tomorrow’s Randall’s ad.

Look on the Right side but note that the roasting is specifically for the Memorial and Dairy Ashford store.

I also got a peek at the pending H‑E‑B ad and the app lists 27 Hatch products including Fresh, but no mention of roasting.


Oh cool, thanks. That store is much less traumatic to shop than the big HEB lol. But you have to buy a 25 lb box?!

I wouldn’t think so.

My favorite thing (besides the Rigo Tovar songs) about Matamoros: the tatemados section of the supermarket.

My H-E-B has fresh hot Hatch peppers out now and will start roasting them on Friday. That’s probably happening at other stores as well this weekend.


Thanks! And welcome to Hungry Onion!

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