Hatch Chiles, Boston area

The Fresh Pond Cambridge Whole Foods had Hatch chiles yesterday, for those who eagerly await their arrival each year.

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Also, Wegman’s in Northboro was having a huge hatch promotion earlier this week. Cases and cases of them. Not sure about the ones in Newton/Burlingotn

I’m planning on heading to the Burlington store later today so I’ll check.

Thanks, you’ve made my day! (I also appreciate your posting both here and elsewhere; I still lurk there but I like this better.)

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Hey, railway, we can actually say the name Chowhound on this friendly board! Sampson has said it is actually helpful to write the whole word out since it helps bring up more search results and helps the site to be a bit more visible.

I just got back from the Burlington Wegman’s. They didn’t have any Hatch chiles out. The helpful produce employee finally found them out back. I would imagine they will have them out soon, though.