Has Anyone Here Made Malasadas?

Just wondering if anyone has tried their hand at making Malasadas? A Portuguese donut typically rolled in granulated sugar and kissin cousins with beignets, tho I think the latter are lighter. You can put all sorts of fancy fillings in them too.

Actually, beignets exist in the same doughnut form in France, I read briefly on that, they are believed to be originated in Ancient Rome (some talked about Spain, and even Middle Eastern origin). I know that there a few regional variations here in France.

One variation is called beignets de carnaval or nun’s puff or better, nun’s fart (pets-de-nonne), they are largely consumed in Mardi Gras during Epiphany.

I have never thought of making them as they are available in many bakeries here.

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Thanks @naf, it will be interesting to check into those.

There’s also a Greek version called loukimades, so light as to be ethereal and dipped in honey. Evidently throughout the Middle East there are different forms and often flavored with rose or orange water.

I thought it would be fun to give them a try, but to improve the quality of the fillings, such as using homemade lemon curd or homemade jams. The Alaskan wild black currant jelly would be interesting in them too.

BTW I really like the name of nun farts - too funny! :joy::joy:


I haven’t made them but now I want them again. A trip to Tex’s in February is now on the list :wink:

There’s a Portuguese bakery not far from me, which makes them on weekend mornings. Using a Seinfeld reference, they are the Mackinaw Peach of donuts. Spectacular if consumed by midmorning, but stodgy and greasy by the afternoon. Anyone making them at home should plan on enough mouths to feed that the whole batch is eaten promptly.

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