Has Anyone Had a Grandma Pizza?

I just discovered them and I’m hooked. Our local pizza place makes them and I’m in love. These are square pies cooked on olive oil. Has anyone tried them and where do you get yours? On another pizza note, what are olive oil pies? I have friends who are hooked on those.


Thanks for the post and the link.

" The dough in Sicilian pizza is left to rise a little between the time that it’s stretched on the pan and put in the oven. This waiting time makes for a softer, fluffier final product. Grandma pie, on the other hand, is tossed in the oven quickly or immediately after it’s been stretched onto the pan, which gives it a slightly denser and crispier crust."

← that sounds like a small difference though. :sweat_smile:

Not really. Sicilian is thick and this is nice and thin!

You’re on Long Island sometimes? Pretty much every pizzeria that isn’t a total dump has Grandma. Pretty sure the US version was “invented” here at one of the older places in Nassau County (will research when I get a minute).

Here you go…https://www.newsday.com/lifestyle/restaurants/feed-me/grandma-pizza-the-full-story-1.825269 (note that the article is from 2008, since then Grandma pie is found pretty much everywhere down here)

Nothing like Sicilian either, Sicilian is almost all bread. Big difference.


Yes, agreed. And yes, it was invented on Long Island. :slight_smile:

I love it, and love that it appeared so recently in my old stomping grounds. Except that there’s a version at a Boston bakery called Galleria Umberto in the North End that’s a little thicker, but still fluffy and also baked in an oiled pan. I had this back in the late '70s. In San Francisco, Golden Boy in North Beach also has a similar style, and I first had that in the early '80s.

Polpettina has grandma pie. I haven’t been there in ages and I know there are some people on here who don’t love it, but I always enjoyed their grandma pie.

I went to the newish location of Emily in the west village, they refer to their pizzas as “detroit style grandma” pies- whatever that means! Anyways, i tried the “emzies” one which is tomatillo sauce and veggies (cheese hates me but they weren’t jerks and made mine without). It was SO GOOD! The crust is thin and certainly has a good amount of olive oil, the corners had a nice crunch. It’s a “fancy” spot for pizza, menu has a lot more and some great apps, their burger actually gets rave reviews (haven’t tried myself since that’s not my thing)

I’ve certainly seen grandma pies at plenty of slice shops around the city too

I’m surprised you just discovered Grandma Pizza. Here in lower Westchester most pizzeria’s have it. It is my favorite when ordering by the slice.

And I thought it was a new thing! Maybe because I used to call and order a pie to deliver, but now our old neighborhood place changed owners and, whereas I used to hate the pizza, I now love it. But they don’t deliver so I usually stop on my way home from work. I stared at it for a long time till I finally tried it. Now I’m hooked.

What’s the best place you’ve had the grandma pie in Westchester?

So far, I’ve only had it at Portofino in Goldens Bridge. They have it at Broadway Pizza in Armonk and it looks good there too.

I looked at the menu for Broadway Pizza, and it doesn’t mention grandma pie. Is it underneath an alternative name?

Hmm. Broadway North in Armonk? I thought they had one - but that may be the marinara square that I confused with grandma.