Has anyone discussed NYE yet?

We usually prefer to spend NYE at home with friends (oysters, champagne and crab leg platters from Swan’s) but for one reason or another, our circle seems to be either traveling or doing other things this year, so it looks like we’re on our own and I’d appreciate learning about any interesting events (food or otherwise) that may not have been on my radar.

We were thinking about maybe making late reservations at Waterbar or somewhere along the Bay, so that we could watch the fireworks from the Embarcadero afterwards. Other considerations incl. Bix, Whitechapel (they’re doing a special NYE menu and pairing) and I’ve just put in a request to The Progress, who are offering a fixed-prix for $130/person + 20% service and optional $65/pairing. I’ve had about $250 in OpenTable gift certs to The Progress/State Bird for close to a year now, which I’ve yet to redeem because of the difficulty in making reservations. I figured NYE would be a good and cost efficient opportunity to finally burn through them. I’m wondering if I should note the OT certs in advance (I opted not to since there appears to be a queue/wait list for res confirmations) but I hope they won’t give me a hard time since it’s a “special event” dinner.

Description on The Progress’ website is as follows:

“We invite you to a special dinner on Thursday, December 31st, with a decadent set menu of our signature family-style platters. Please note that due to the nature of this unique dinner we will not be able to make special accommodations for dietary restrictions. The dinner will be $130/person, plus tax & 20% service charge. Wine pairings will be offered for an additional $65/person. Please submit your inquiry below – we will get back to you regarding availability in the next 1-3 days!”

Please use this thread to post or comment on any interesting/fun/noteworthy events that you come across.


Here’s my sheet of non-food bay area happenings. I just bought tickets to Swing Dancing at the Hornet.
Share and enjoy.

Thanks very much for that. I was really hoping that Bimbo’s would do something hip this year but alas, it’s the same old… I do have one friend who’s looking to lock down a NYE gig in the next week, so we may end up following his plans. Stookey’s is also doing a cocktail/record night which sounds like fun.

Sorry my list is all entertainment.
LazyBear put out special NYE dinner tickets at $400… sold out in minutes…
Manresa appears to be open NYE, but I can’t see a sign of what might be special.

Fwiw, The line at State Bird appears to be much shorter when the weather is cold (at least midweek). Although NYE may be a different story. If you end up at Progress, ask for the Swedish Manhattan (unlisted ).

Where did you end up? Had some great drinks at AQ. New bar manager Iris and sommelier Allegra have put together some very well balanced drinks including a savory rum agricole-caper-raisin drink, a radish and hay smoked pepper drink and a bourbon rhubarb drink. Have to go back to try some of the others.

Happy New Year everyone!

We ended up at Sam’s Grill and then headed over to Stookey’s to ring it in. Drinks were great, as always. Fun times!

Is smoked drinks a new thing? There’s a smoked manhattan down here on the peninsula that’s pretty interesting.

Yes I’ve been meaning to get down there to kemuri after reading your reports. Aside from the one at hakkasan (SF), can’t think of another offhand. hakkasan can also supplement their yuzu & marmalade gimlet with a flaming vsop chartreuse (or smith & cross rum) filled floating lime boat if one asks nicely :wink:

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Kemuri isn’t in the same league as Hakkasan - but it’s also a lot cheaper! - and it’s fun and tasty - just don’t expect that kind of experience, and you’ll enjoy yourself. It is right next to the train station, if that helps.

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Brown butter infused cognac with pear liqueur, amaro, lemon at Alexanders (SF). Like a liquid pear cobbler. (Brown butter infused via sous vide and then the mixture is frozen and any excess fat is skimmed off the top)

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We went there for dinner on a saturday night — ok, right after new years — and the place was empty. If you’re interested in trying out what they’re doing, I’d suggest trying quick. Their yelp reviews are average at best which is probably killing them.


Sorry. Yes, kemuri, not doing well.

Fried rice with squid, clams fried in black rice powder, lemon aioli, at Progress (sf)

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