Has anyone been to Wegman's in Harrison yet?

I haven’t but I want to go. It’s a matter of deciding to drive down to Harrison. Has anyone gone? How is it and it crowded?

Went today. It is exhausting because it is VAST! There were lots of customers — and employees — but not exactly crowded because of its size. Helpful staff and lots of merchandise, but it really is overwhelmingly large. I will certainly be back on occasion but will mostly stick with my more manageably sized DeCiccos, Whole Foods, even Stop and Shop.

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Thanks and welcome back!!!

Good to know. I was actually on that side of the county today and thought about stopping in, but decided to wait until the novelty has worn off.

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We finally checked out a Wegman’s. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very nice store and if I lived closer, I would probably go there a lot. However, I don’t really see much there that is better than my go to options of H Mart and Fairway. As seafood goes, nothing beats H Mart. And the cheese department is better at Fairway. It’s unfair to judge the prepared food secrtion because I suspect that during normal times, everything would not be prepackaged in plastic. I am a little hard pressed to decide which is better: Wegman’s or Fairway? Wegman’s may have a slight edge in the food court dept (though I am a huge fan of the food court at H Mart).

I would definitely go back, but I probably do not need to make an extra effort to schlepp all the way up there. I am sure it’s a great addition for those who live in Northern Westchester and Western, CT.

One thing I will say is it is insanely crowded (but the further you get from the food court the less crowded it is). The other thing was that I got a cart from the parking lot which I had sanitized myself, but then I realized I did not need to do that as they told me to ditch that one and get a newly sanitized cart from the front.

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We were out and about on Sunday morning and decided to stop in. It was crowded, although we got there before the church crowd did so no wait to get in. By the time we left there was a line outside. Anyway, it’s a beautiful store, with a layout that will be familiar to anyone who has been to a large Wegman’s before. Luckily it is large enough that they are able to carry the full range of Wegman’s-branded products as well as national name brands (not always the case at smaller Wegs these days).

I agree with JCmods that Hmart’s seafood selection is better, and I thought the meat section overall was a little disappointing. Also agree that cheese is better at Fairway. However, this location makes it convenient for me to stop there when I am on my way home from Restaurant Depot in Port Chester, so I’m sure I will make it part of that routine.

I went to Wegman’s last week on a Tuesday morning at about 9:30. It was pretty empty. My GPS was off, and I breezed past the entrance as I was told that my destination would be in a quarter mile. There was ample near-in parking and many employees to sanitize the carts at the entrance. The place is cavernous, and although I wandered the aisles for the better part of an hour, I didn’t come close to seeing all that was on offer. I was underwhelmed by the bread department. Most of the bread was wrapped in plastic producing a very soft crust. For my money, Whole Foods shines with their bread offerings and Wegman’s doesn’t come close. There was a nice selection of fruit and vegetables but nothing out of the ordinary. I also think that Wegman’s is know for the prepared foods they offer, something we rarely buy, so the selection of those things was huge.

I will return for further exploration. It is certainly an excellent addition to the local grocery scene.

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I so, agree with that. I hate when they do that.

I’ve actually been there several times, although the first time doesn’t count as we were still without electricity, so a good chance to view the store and NOT shop. I find that their prepared foods are only average or a bit better, and on the pricey side. Same applies to the bakery, rather make the extra trip to kneaded bread or even wf, , both have superior breads. Wegmans is more of a middle America (soft breads) and not just from the packaging Not only didn’t they have, but did not know what a seeded jewish rye bread is. Despite the tremendous assortment, a lot of brands are under represented and the wegman house brand is one of the few bargains- if it is good. some of the best deals seem to be their own cafeteria/ meal - not cheap but decent food at a somewhat reasonable price. Huge beer selection (but I rarely have any and I’ll take Molson and be done with it. Certainly attractive, for now good help. Few bargains but that is the normal business model these days.As an aside, the Eastchester DeCicco’s is hiring, looks nice and should be open in a couple of months (former acme store)

What is WF? Thanks for the rundown!!!

Whole Foods, formerly whole pay check. Although Wegman’s could also go thru a wheel-barrow full of cash also. Personally, I have better mobility in the car and more free time than most so going to different markets for different things is how I will shop. Wegman’s will get some of my business, mostly for a special treat or a nice market (atmosphere) to walk thru - definitely a place to see.The nearest market to me is Balducci’s which I will go in about once a year - also exorbitant prices and no other purpose than to be “see I can afford to not care about the prices”. I do still want good value, but increasingly it takes multiple shops and advanced planning

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