Has anyone been to the SF International Tea Festival before? [San Francisco, Ferry Building]

The $25 ticket isn’t much of a risk for a free swag bag, teacup and “hundreds” of tastes, but I’m curious if it is overcrowded. Has anyone been before?

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Lovely! Hope someday they will organise something like this here.

Like you said, $25 isn’t much of a risk, although I must say that good tea needs a tranquil environment to savor, so the hustle and bustle of the festival probably most likely won’t provide. Brewing tea for 100 people at a time may also impact quality too. Though it seems like a good opportunity to try out some new and unfamiliar teas.

Friend of mine went there last year, seemed a little crowded (as with most of SF’s event) but not as bad as that Ramen festival in Japantown…