Has anyone been to HECTAR, 9th Arr ?! Need confirmation about overall deliciousness!

An ex-chowhounder ( skylineR33 ) currently vacationing in Europe recently ate at this establishment due to its close proximity to the hotel he was staying in. He posted, without description , a couple of nicely cooked Quail and Cassoulet dishes that looked pretty rustic and well executed. A Google search revealed the ’ bistro ’ has a rating of 4.9/5.0!! Impressive!
Anyone on this board given it a try? How’s the food? Would love to give it a try on our upcoming trip but found the Menu to be a bit small and might not provide variety to accommodate the palate of our party of 3
Thx in advance!

I was there two nights ago and was going to prepare a post about it – but am busy tasating wine in Germany right now. It was excellent. Casual, good ingredients, good wine list at reasonable prices, almost all locals (as far as I could tell).


I’m so happy to hear this. I ran across it researching for my trip in November and had placed it on my itinerary despite not having seen any mention of it on HO.

I’ve now published my comments on dinner at Hectar.


Thank you for writing and sharing that. It’s definitely on my list for November.

It’s on my list for my trip in 2 weeks after I read about it from a well-known Taiwanese journalist who has resided in Paris for years. He raved about the cassoulet

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This was posted 12 days ago…and contained a description about the cassoulet. Hope it’ll help