Has anyone attended the 3-course family style dinner service at Dizengoff?

I’m just curious what you thought (food+value) and whether it’s worthwhile, if you’ve attended?

I’m not asking for any upcoming visit in particular… just wondering.

I haven’t been-and since i’m vegetarian I doubt i will- but with the fantastic oven they use for the pitas i would anticipate some interesting roasted items and blistered veggies. It’s increasingly difficult to find a 3 course meal for $60, and their menu has very reasonable prices for drinks and wines.
I always wince when i get the tahini hummus and spend $10, and then with every bite i think how this is So Freaking Good and worth it.
Probably not helpful.
I say do it, and take a nice evening walk along the highline afterwards

Thanks! We won’t have an opportunity on this coming trip, but I think we’ll make a point of trying it out on our next visit. I wonder if they have any plans to open a location(s) on the West Coast… I can hope anyway! :slight_smile:

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Stop by if you can for some hummus and pita, it’s absolutely fantastic. You’ll want an extra pita when you order, one isn’t enough for all the hummus

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Maybe we’ll sneak over after Cull & Pistol if we have any room left!

+1 on the hummus and pita. I’d say get several extra pita, then take some home and freeze them. They revive nicely in a toaster over (sprinkled with water so that they steam-reheat, not toast),
and are well worth having on hand. They’re great at any meal where there are soft or runny things that need scooping.

FYI on weekdays cull and pistol has an oyster happy hour that i’ve heard is fantastic (i don’t do fish). Just go hungry and hit both!

I always have to get extra pitas- it’s a given i’ll cram one in my face as is while it’s still hot!

Well try as we did, we couldn’t squeeze in Dizengoff after our lunch at C+P … I didn’t even have room for their key lime, which I was so looking forward to trying. Next time!

Btw, the live scallops in yuzu and olive oil were killer! I also loved the fried oyster app with prosciutto (I think?) - great smoky, creamy flavor. The Connecticut style lobster rolls were fantastic, but I still think I prefer the Maine lobster rolls at Pearl Puster Bar. I had a pretty good Gin cocktail too.