Has anybody used Weee! for Chinese grocery delivery?

My wife is wary of shopping in Chinatown during the epidemic. Safeway delivers, but has very little Asian produce; Amazon Fresh / Whole Foods, even less. I discovered a website and app callled Weee! which offers delivery of Asian groceries in the Bay Area. I wanted to take a flyer on them but they didn’t happen to have any open delivery slots at the time.

Has anyone used Weee! ? They have a wide range of Chinese ingredients, and the prices seem reasonable, especially for delivery. I’m wondering about the quality of their produce and meats.


Hmmm…I’d also be interested to know.

I wasn’t aware of this company so thanks for bringing it to attention. I only found one review online but there are some reviews of the app and their service here. Lots of complaints of the app being buggy so I probably wouldn’t be ordering from an app on my phone. Please let us know if you do order from them.

the english page is www.saywee.com/en

Used them (got lucky) a few times. Produce, especially greens, come in big bags, about same as filling your grocery bag, instead of a produce aisle bag. But good luck getting a time slot. They seem to open a block of delivery slots at random times. Also the deliveries are for 2 weeks from your order date, so you need to plan ahead. Produce and fruit is very good quality as if you hand picked them in Chinatown.


Odd, that link led me to a parked domain. You can also get to the English site through the top right drop-down menu.

Right as the Shelter in place started I was looking into using the app. A week later I went to it and every single item was sold out. 100% of the items even the most random things.
Now I look and on the delivery times page, it is just blank. It must be a pretty small operation.

I’ve used them many times and would say that overall they are decent, albeit communicating with the drivers might be difficult if you don’t speak Mandarin.
You can also check out https://ploma.io/, it just launched 3 weeks ago and is predominately Korean style meat cuts and vegetables.

I just signed up. I’ll put in an order sometime later this week. The web English interface is a little elliptical, the market baskets look promising. In fact, the only items I seem to be able to order are the market baskets, to be delivered, in two days, I’m in 95032. I’m going to wait for now, I actually cant use 3 lbs. of Ridgeback Shrimp two days from now…

Everytime I look 100% of items are sold out. Do you see anything in stock on Weee? And if its sold out can i just place the order anyway and when it is in stock again they will send the items?
Never seen an available date either. Do they not work in SF?

Ploma looks good. Shame they don’t serve SF. (either)

How are Chinatown markets these days? Especially the wet markets?

From their confirmation email:

Phone:510-358-8960 / 888-826-0880
Address:47560 Seabridge Dr, Fremont, CA 94538

and they sent a $10 coupon. OK, so far so good. I’m still going to wait a bit before I order

What zip-code are you in? I thought they delivered to most areas in SF but might be wrong here.

  1. Looked again today. No dice. Thought maybe it was because I kept looking at weird times at night.

I am in 95032, South Bay, Los Gatos.

Is that Weee or Ploma? I’m 99% sure that Ploma delivers to Outer Richmond too.

Off-topic and kinda counter-intuitive but I don’t with delivery these days (or actually, ever.) especially with the delivery windows more than a week out. (I was briefly looking at Good Eggs but everything on their web site sold out) I just go when fewer people likes to go grocery shopping- early mornings on weekdays. It doesn’t rain any more but rainy days work well.

I also go to shops where fewer people shop. So I have been avoiding Costcos. For Chinese shopping, I have gone once since the pandemic to New Wing Yuan. They never had many people to begin with, and they still don’t. No idea how they sustain, but its maximum social distance. I was told Mountain View 99 lets in certain number of people at a time. Wait is about 15 minutes during the week, and 30 minutes during the weekend. But not all 99 practices this model. Some, I was told, apparently have as many people as during the New Year shopping days.


Had our very first supermarket delivery (ever) today, from Weee! Took a little effort initially to learn to navigate the system and get in line for ordering. Order on Thursday night, reserve a delivery window for two weeks out.

Our $120 order came in three boxes. The frozen items came in a lined chilled box with a tiny blue ice. Only perishable was a melon and a bag of sprouts, which looked fine. The bean sprouts were quite acceptable, and I’m somewhat picky when it comes to produce.

We live in SF, but prev-Covid used to drive down the Peninsula twice a week to shop at the Taiwanese and Japanese supermarkets down in the Cupertino area. During the current lockdown, I can see ourselves ordering from Weee! again.


I’ve used Weee a few times now and it’s pretty open in terms of delivery slots at the moment. Mostly to get things that I can’t find within walking distance, like beef shank, frozen head-on shrimp, pork hocks, garlic chives, and various Chinese condiments. It has worked pretty well in my experience. I do wish that they have more Asian goods outside of Chinese, like Korean doenjang or Thai holy basil, which has been difficult to find without driving.


Yummy Bazaar offers some Asian non-perishables. Prices are not bad.

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