Harry's Lobster House, Sea Bright

So what gives? Lou said he was leasing it to someone who was going to change the name.

Do we know who is running it?


From Harry’s facebook page:

"Lisa and Wendy Acoustic Covers Duo with Jay Blackwell and 23 others.
January 6, 2016 ·

This Friday we’ll be playing Harry’s Lobster House in Sea Bright, NJ at 8pm. It is a special occasion because it is the last weekend that Harry’s will have entertainment due to them closing. Come on out and show your support for them and thank them for all the good times that so many people have had there."

Looks like they didn’t make it.

I remember Lou talking about selling the place, so maybe that’s next.

Here’s another…


didn’t they literally just reopen with a revamped menu and design? Seemed like they were doing more of a bar business with music these days…

The APP article is beyond useless. Making it seem that Chipotle is the reason restaurant is closing. Maybe it’s b/c it was a stale concept and the reboot was an overpriced sports bar based on some reports and Tommys is killing on the low/family end and Angelicas is taking the high end.


I could be missing something, but isn’t the article on the closing a year old?

Looks like it. Saw Jan didn’t look at rest of the date there. Oopsie

They have a 16.00 prime rib special. It was on Wednesday but could have changed. It was on the board out front on Friday but I couldnt read the rest as I drove by. It just had a huge “16.00” and “prime rib” with other smaller writing that I couldn’t see in my car.

So they are still open?

If so website and Facebook are not very helpful.

Yelp also says they are closed.

I’ll bet it was the Wendy and Lisa cover band that did it.

And I’ll further bet @NotJrvedivici is a big fan of the purple one…

So from the redbankgreen (silly name unless you’re a recycling center) article it looks like they closed for a remodel and are back open again.

And Lou is still cooking nekkid in the kitchen.

So whose gonna take one for the team and report back?

Here is one for you with Wendy & Lisa about your favorite car @corvette_johnny :


By the way, the one thing I could never figure out about this song is why you would put the used Trojan back in your pocket.

Eeuuuww !!!

Eeuuuww !!!

Eeuuuww !!! (tm @NotJrvedivici)

it is definitely open. I went by last night.

Was it in your pretty little red corvette??? :grin::grin::grin:

Need a report on the prime rib night, I’m jonesing for a good one.

So I just drove by and there is new sign over harrys, Rorys Pub. They are flying a big Irish flag too. Does anyone know anything about this? I’m not sure if it’s a joke or legit.

Harrys has been for sale for a couple of years so it’s probably legit.

God that sounds terrible. Please let it be a joke. Last thing the town needs is a chuckle head spot like that

Was eating lunch at Woody’s recently and asked the bartender what was going on at the old Harry’s. She said it now was Rory’s Pub…Irish music/bar food/outside dining.

Yeah I drove by today and the sign is still up.

How was woodys? I’ve been there only a few times and each time I leave pretty dissapointed. Nothing is bad but I just find the food so bland. It’s been at least a year so I need to try it again.

Had anyone been to Yumi lately? I was thinking of going tomorrow maybe since my SI friend likes sushi.

It was a nice day in February and we were in SB around lunchtime. For many years we heard good things about Woody’s but never had been there (we had been to the Tinton Falls Woody’s). Anyway, the venue is nice…wood beams, gas fireplace. We sat at the bar which is most of the time our preference at places like this. I had a blue cheese burger and wife had the Atlantic Salad…grilled wild salmon served over mixed greens. Both were OK…nothing special…guess would say, decent bar food.

Man my autocorrect is the worst ever. I look like a moron typing on this phone. Lol. I’m not sure why it died on me.

@Robert I’ll get back there but I’m not in a rush. The woodys in Tinton falls is decent. I like that spot better.

Has anyone been to eventide lately? I see signs for half price pizza, half off tacos and half off burgers during the week as I drive by. @NotJrvedivici

I haven’t been here in years I’d say. I’m wondering what is up.