Harley Davidson camping and cooking

A new bug has bitten me… I’ve decided to really lay down some miles this year on my new bike, leave my 40ft trailer at home, and camp Million Dollar Bogan style… Well kinda he was my inspiration. If you haven’t watched his YouTube videos you are missing out on some pure comedy and amazing footage.
Anyway I have been gathering up mostly backpacking gear, because of size and weight… I’m building two Custom travel trout rods, prototying some special stuff just to set the bike up for fishing and cooking… I ain’t about to eat those expensive backpack meals that just require you to boil water… I am a fisherman and a chef (fat one).

I plan to share my adventures here… And would welcome company as the weather shapes up and once I get more dialed in.
Also looking for tips from those that cook off a Pocket rocket or FIREBOX stove… I bought the titanium version!

My bikes… Getting rods to match each paint scheme

My usual trout setup has got to stay home

Plan on taking the road less traveled!

Some gear


It’s all coming together… soon It’ll be time to head out and catch some fish!
Humans can live without food even water for longer than most people can imagine… But without my coffee people will die! So I have a few ways to heat my water for coffee… they also work well for cooking.
The Firebox is awesome, I bought the titanium version to save weight… Great company, they gave me a Veteran discount too! I enjoy to youtube videos he puts out.
Tents are rated for how many kids can sleep comfortably… Not full size adults. Plan accordingly.
Sleeping comfort… If you are like me your back and neck will let you know if you went too cheap…
I bought a Thick high R value comfortable air mattress.
MYPILLOW is the only way to go! I use the travel size… gets really small and fluffs up perfectly.

A 20 or 40 degree sleeping bag might sound like more than you need… but… Sleeping bags are rated in you probably won’t die temperature… not what will make you comfortable. Zippers can be opened but if it’s cold you cannot do much.
I always carry my standard issue poncho liner…
Got a chair! Nobody wants to sit on the ground after a long ride.
Custom ultralight Fishing rods are in the works, Steve at FUGU rods is gonna do his magic! Steve is a true artist saw his work at the fred hall show where he won two awards!


My new folding kitchen Knives
So I bought one today for my birthday present to me…
My Brother bought me the other for my birthday too…
Crazy timing…
He really knows me sometimes!

Sounds like you are a good planner. It sounds like an epic trip.

What’s your itinerary and timeline?

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I love riding motorcycles, fishing, cooking, and eating good food… My thought is I want to see some of the hidden gems where I can’t take my trailer, meet up with some people I otherwise wouldn’t have, and pick up some tricks along the way, and maybe inspire some people to try something new.
I used to love tent camping as a kid so we will see how that goes. Ha ha
I will be trying to squeeze in several trips a year. I live in Southern California and I would probably like to keep my trips down to a long weekend… My thoughts are North to see the largest living thing on earth, East to see the slot canyons, South when and if it’s safe, I used to race trucks in Mexico and there are many great places and people… I’ve never stopped to fish in any of the lakes or streams… And everything in between. I want to keep my plans open to the possibility of change only because the best memories happen that way… so long as I’m prepared for changes it isn’t too frustrating when ISH happens.

All that said… I am waiting on a cooler to arrive to keep a nice bottle Chardonnay cold so I can sit back and relax if the local trout aren’t intrested in joining my solo party… I figure that I should find out how bad tent camping is alone so people don’t have to hear me complaining the whole time! Ha ha


You’re always welcome up here in Southern Oregon. Prime territory for your quest.


I agree that Oregon has phenomenal potential for my kind of adventures… But that would require a pretty big investment of PTO time… of which I am short on this year.
As the saying goes… “ONE OF THESE DAYS!”

I thought this was your Blue Highways moment where you were chucking everything and hopping on bike!
Well, the offer still stands if you ever make it :slight_smile:


This morning like most… I required coffee and calories. Sunday’s are made for places like Rev’d Up… You can see some amazing rolling works of art… some only hours old, others have stood the test of time. Last week an Aventador was contrasted against a Pantera, cafe racers against Chrome behemoths, and everything in between.
Today as I was enjoying Elvis’s favorite breakfast this 32 showed up! It isn’t camping but it’s a great place to include in any adventure.



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Those are great plans! Are you going to tow a little trailer behind your motorcycle? It sounds like you are bringing a lot of stuff. I’m intrigued on how packing will be.

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Not bringing a trailer… I split lanes and also go off the beaten path. Also I generally have two speeds… on and off… I think a trailer might be too dangerous for me. Ha ha
The real reason for backpacking gear is to both cut weight and bulk. Looks like a lot but it packs up tight.
I have two hard saddlebags that fit most of my gear, I will be adding a tailbag that will sit atop my passenger seat, as well as a soft cooler which will sit on a rack behind my sissybar.

Spices and mini cutting board CHECK!


Wow - impressively organized! I’m really enjoying reading these posts - thanks so much for sharing this with us.


Fresh is best especially with herbs and spices… Camping you just gotta do what you can but really no excuse to only bring salt and pepper… For most of my veggies and herbs I just walk into the backyard as I need it… Now I’m going to have to plan things out… Really no different than going to the store I guess… The trade off will be fresh fish… which is probably quite important.

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Thankyou… but I may end up looking like a gypsy bandwagon going down the road… ha ha

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Beautiful pictures!

Are you going to have a sidecar and doggles for your dog?!


I wish, My wife is against me getting a sidecar.

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I watch a lot of these… Beautiful!

My inspiration is This guy:

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