Hard to find magazines

I have an unfortunate liking for esoteric magazines. Does anyone know where to get the following in Montreal?

Lucky Peach (had luck with the cookbook store in the J-T market, but they sell out of it too quickly)

Imbibe (Alembika usually has it, but I would love to know about other places)

The Carton ( I suspect this bilingual Lebanese magazine might be by subscription only, but I would love to try before I buy). http://www.artandthensome.com

I bought an issue of Lucky Peach at Chapters Indigo (Ottawa) but you could also try amazon.ca

I’m not familiar with the specific magazines that you’re looking for, but there used to be a store on C-D-N opposite the Pharmaprix in that old Deco wax museum beside College Notre-Dame, that carried hard to find mags and was always well stocked. I used to pick up obscure 60s music magazines there regularly. If it’s still around, it might be a place to check out…

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