Harborside Mercantile - GALVESTON

This much anticipated Creole restaurant on the Strand at 20th is now open and getting some good facebook mentions by friends there. It’s’ being compared to Mr. B’s in NOLA. This is the new venture of Hubcap Grill and Chicken Ranch owners. I’m going to get there ASAP and will report back. We need Swamp to get on over here and report on matters Galvy.

Harborside Mercantile



Man that looks good

I’m inspired to make gumbo this weekend and if I can get by 99 Ranch Market today, I might even do the duck and andouille. My mouth is watering jus’ thinkin’ about it.

Wifacita- OMG! I love shrimp n grits. We always go to Benos and I pretty much order the same thing, blackend oysters with cajun potatoes. yum :yum:

The shocking news late last week is that Craig is flipping Harborside to another location of Hubcap Grill. Alison Cook tweeted that she drove into a ditch when she heard that.

Houston Press

I definitely had this on my list of places to visit on the Island.

What is it with burgers these days? Has there been some major advance in burger science that I missed. Why all the fascination and proliferation of high end burger joints???

Just wow. I agree, enough already.

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