Happy with my pie!

Not alway the case though. Last Apple pie was undercooked crispy apple slices and overdone crust. Many arrive from the oven with a big dome of crust over 2” of air. Often the crust is done but the filling is not. Or the filling is done but crust is darker than I want.

This time I tried the precooked filling method. Perfect. More work but relieves the anxiety and uncertainty for me.


Happy for you! Looks professional to me (a non pie eater).

Looks gorgeous and tasty @Elsieb! Makes me want a slice for breakfast right now.

Just needs a nice crumbly cheese to go with that. I’d pick a Lancashire or Wensleydale.


I’ll bring the vanilla ice cream. Looks delicious.

That is one good looking pie!

That pie looks great! Have you ever tried making meat pies?

Sorry HF, I haven’t eaten meat since 1975😶.

O that makes a lot of sense. I thought I’d ask since it’s quite popular in Australia. Anyway keep up the good work :slight_smile: