Happy New Year Y'all! (Texas)

Hope all my Texas friends are well and warm! Well, I’m pretty sure of the warm, it was 70 degrees or so today. Remember that Christmas Eve snow of 2004? Amaze snow balls! I’m indulging on a bit of Angel’s Envy Bourbon. and if you’re a bourbon fan you’ll like it too, a Christmas present if you must know. Super smooth going down.

Watching a 1944 Christmas movie, which you do while entertaining your mother-in-law flown in from the hinterlands of Texas, even if you have already seen it umpteem times.

Since I’ve seen nothing from y’all this holiday season, I thought I’d ask: What did you eat and drink and what are you planning for New Year’s Eve?

I made a beef tenderloin for the first time on Christmas Day, because…easy. With horsey sauce of course. Green beans and roasted garlic mashers. MIL had lunch here and then had THE EXACT SAME MEAL at her daughters house for dinner. I’m pretty sure mine was better. Why did we do that? Well families are complicated.

More important, what are you eating for NYE? My usual is the Dagwood sandwich with bolillos and tons of toppings. I’ve been doing that since the turn of the century but that tradition has grown old. What hasn’t grown old to most of my family is me being chief cook and bottle washer, even now that my kids have kids.

I’m super tired and need a NYE idea for 6-8 that involves little work and is not sandwiches. Also that includes kids and two large dogs that will come to visit. Oh, and also, without tannerite, a new explosive that has taken over East Texas, apperantly. Lawd help us.

Many blessings to you all! Especially if you a can direct me to a fun and easy NYE meal.

Somebody post something.

Here’s my tenderloin.


Also, East TX tannerite:

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You need to sharpen your carving knife.

I’ve been watching this space for Season’s News, so thank you for diving in. That roast looks fantastic and if it’s not all gone, THAT would be my NYs sammy. Just some of that horseradish sauce and I’m good to go.

For Christmas, we had:
Assorted Cheeses and Crackers
Crudite and Dips
1 Honeybaked Ham
2 Honeybaked Smoked Turkey Breasts
2 Trays of Cornbread Dressing, (one with onions and a small one without)
5 Dozen Alamo Tamales
Baked Beans
Green Salad
Potatoes au Gratin
Coffee Cake
Pecan Pie
Homemade Whipped Cream
And I’m sure I left some thing(s) out.

I was … “uncomfortably” satiated, but after a four hour nap, I felt much better.

We like to eat. :shushing_face:

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I carved it with my new Mercer Culinary Dexter Knife straight out of the box. I got the knife to cut whole slab bacon thinly. It cut like buttah!

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I wonder who the small stuffing with no onions was for? :grin:

I believe we have a consensus on Popeye’s for NYE haha. But I did pick up some fresh blackeyed peas today, and some red cabbage just in case the Poles among us are yearning for a homestyle dish.

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Well this Pole has a Wifeacita working on an Hispanicized version of black eyed peas as we speak sourced fresh from OUR HEB.

Christmas was low key. I did a huge 3.5 lb whole turkey breast The Wifeacita sautéed some pork chops plus did some TJ cauliflower rice.

Cornbread dressing and gravy from Luby’s rounded it out plus real Ocean Spray cranberry sauce, nothing but the best.

Forgot dessert. Mixed chocolates and nuts from King’s Confectionery on the Strand in Galveston.

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Xmas eve: Teriyaki chicken wings. Stuffed jalapeños and pigs in blankets.

*Nothing too exciting for Xmas. Decided to do breakfast instead of early lunch. Scrambled eggs with sausage gravy and biscuits. Then grilled out ribeyes and baked potato’s for dinner.

Next day did baked ham; GBC, leftover freshly frozen cornbread dressing from Thanksgiving, sweet potato’s , cranberry sauce and Rhodes rolls.

NYE will be the same old BEP (for good luck) with smoked sausage. Jalapeño cheddar cornbread .

That’s it for now folks and wishing you all Very Happy New Year . :balloon: :crab::slightly_smiling_face::hedgehog:

P.s…I couldn’t find an armadillo so threw a hedgehog in there. It’s the thought that counts right?:slightly_smiling_face:


Koko, I don’t think we’re in Texas anymore. :grin:


We have possum roadkill in the neighborhood from time to time and if you ask nicely I’ll put a fresh one on ice for you.

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