Happy New Year Houston

The Wifeacita made a great batch of fresh from Kroger black eyed peas which will taste even better tomorrow.

Happy New Years everybody.


Happy New Year to all the Houston HOs (Ho HOs?)

Panic set it Sunday afternoon when I discovered I didn’t have any BEP in house. I’m not a big fan of them but almost always have a can or two on hand. I rushed to the big Food Town on S. Braeswood @ Fondren as I knew they carried a couple of other items I’d been meaning to pick up.

There were no shopping carts to be had, nor baskets to carry (save a few stray carts in the far reaches of the lot). The place was packed. Only one ‘express’ lane was open and there were more than 30 people in it, some, of course, with very full baskets.

And on the shelves? Only 2 cans of Trappeys BEP. I grabbed only one since it was all I could carry with the other things I had to pick up.

Saved the day (and quite possibly the year).

NYE and NYD: Spicy Black Eyed Pea soup w/scallions and cilantro to garnish plus Frenchy’s Hot Boudin and some sparkling Moscato picked up last week at Aldi (not bad).

It’s gonna be a great year for me and I hope for y’all too.

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I really hated BEP until I made some fresh from Kroger, really good.

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I’ve been putting out sandwich fixins for years on NYE and built my usual Dagwood on submarine from the new HEB in Huntsville. On NYD today, we celebrated Christmas with family because so many were flu infected on the actual day. And I went even tho I’m losing my voice now, tired of waiting! We met at BB’s Cajun Cafe on Eldridge.

Now I’m laying up on the couch trying not to think about work tomorrow. NYE should always be on a Friday, or better yet, Thursday.


Good looking tomatoes.

So watcha have at BB’s. I’ve always wanted to go but haven’t got around to it.

Romas were the only tomatoes worth bringing home for immediate consumption. The others were anemic according to bystanders.

This is my third visit and I’ve gotten the fried shrimp each time because they are so crunchy and delicious. This time the table ordered queso and it was very good and served with a small cup of salsa verde which everyone liked. My sis got redfish which she declared overcooked and used her knife to cut. She was not happy. Stick with the fried shrimp.

I actually ordered the pot-belly shrimp which are stuffed with crab stuffing, but they were “out.”

I’ve bought the ‘pearl’ tomatoes (clamshell box) at TJ’s the last couple of times and been pretty pleased. I haven’t seen romas that looked as good as those in a long time.

I’m not send back food guy but that redfish would be gone when the knife came out, especially at the price that fish fetches.

Overcooked seafood should be illegal. Alex Patout out of New Orleans made a brief foray into the Houston market quite a while back.

A buddy of mine and I went once and we ordered fried oysters, go figure.
The first batch was small and rock hard, sent back and batch two wasn’t much better. The waiter was like really!?

Friend throws one down on the plate and it bounced. A good fried oyster doesn’t bounce.

I don’t remember what happened after that but I know we didn’t eat fried oysters.

I had some oysters like that at Carmelo’s once. What are they thinking sending that product out of the kitchen?

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