Happy Mother's Day 2022

Happy Mother’s day to everyone.
For anyone who has taken a child under their wing to mentor as a mom would.
That also includes being a mom to our furry pets.



Every day should be Mother’s Day.

Mothers should never only be celebrated on one particular day designated by Hallmark.


Amen .
I think Mother’s Day was designed for Mothers to take a day off for themselves and to remember that self care is so very important.

We tend to forget that as we put ourselves last most often.

My husband reminds me of that when he orders in to give me a holiday from cooking.
Or he’ll anounce that he’s having cereal for supper.
Bless his heart, eggs for supper or soft serve ice cream are a yes. Cereal nope not for me (I’m snobby that way).


I hope you have a wonderful day.

Not because it is Mother’s Day, per se, but simply because you are a mother and as a mother you deserve to be celebrated, regardless of what day it is on the calendar.

Enjoy the day for yourself, and every other day.


I saw this posted elsewhere last week, and laughed so hard. I’m thinking every Mom has had to deal with this situation one way or another. :wink:

Happt Mother’s Day to the Moms out there. Tomorrow you can go back to worrying about your kids learning new words.


I guess that he can thank Bruce Willis for that one.
It is so true my boys learned all those words their first day of school.
I was mortified because I didn’t think that I’d be dealing with that one so soon.


The one that flabbergasted me was when I let my son know the potential consequences of his behavior and he thought for a moment, then nodded and said “I can suffer that.”


That just tells me that the consequence either wasn’t long enough or strong enough.
My boys do the same they will suffer through…
Ok so who’s the boss here?
Especially when one of my boys starts counting me to 3 and the other is putting the kettle on for tea. :joy:

Maybe. I was mostly struck by the phrase.

Apparently he had to decide that many times at school, and he was in pre-kindergarden! He went to a “Christian” school where swats were allowed. They called me in to let me know what they were considering, and I just smiled. He was a real piece of work back then, and my career was all about pieces of work.

In any case, he is now an amazing young man.

Clearly, you instilled amazing values in your son.
That is the true test when they are left to make their own decisions what they decide to do.

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