Happy Labor Day 2019 you wonderful foodies......................

Hey there everyone!!! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy, safe and well fed Labor Day Weekend!!! I look forward to pics of all your wonderful meals, cookouts and/or bbq’s! (no @seal this is not my requesting a pic of your wiener, I’m not falling for that again this year)

Please enjoy the time off hopefully spent with family/friends and please remember to be safe above all!

Be well and God bless !!!


And a tip of the hat to all those thousands of “service” employees that are compelled to work this weekend…


Too bad.

This year, my Labor Day weiner is organic and all chicken, mixed with wild mushrooms and Italian herbs.

If you wanted one of those “other” pics, you must have me confused with Anthony Weiner :smirk_cat:

Happy Labor Day to all!

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