HAPPY HOUR ! (or it's aways 5 o'clock somewhere)

Where are your favorite happy hour spots in/around Los Angeles?

A couple of mine:
Everson Royce Bar – Burger (one of the best in LA) for $10 and the Bee Sting makes every thing go down smooth.

Prank Bar – good for vegans and meat eaters alike, with vegan nachos and beef sliders, both under $12, and cocktails under $10.

Garçons de Cafe – for the times when we all want to pretend we are better wine aficionados than we really are.

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Define happy hour.
The classic or variations.
The 7-9am HH was great for graveyard folks.

My house is my favorite happy hour spot in Los Angeles. :wink:

I have rhubarb cordial, Q tonic and lime in my refrigerator.

I can make a batch of Lebovitz’s snack mix or Union Square bar nuts and I’m good to go at a fraction of the price of drinking in a bar.


Here’s a few that come to mind…

Escala in Ktown - Columbian/Korean (!) and good drink and food prices

Bludso’s Bar and Q - Dusted smoked chicken wing specials, cocktail specials and plenty of big screens for sports

El Carmen has good happy hour specials and late happy hour specials - prob biggest tequila selection in town, or one of em.

Petty Cash, similar

The Bayou, Weho, extremely cheap shots and drinks if you’re looking to light a fire

The Bayou (thebayouweho.com)

Connie and Teds - not sure if this is back but used to be great clam roll, oyster and food deals plus discount quality beer and wine

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Define it however you want!

As it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere in the world, it’s always happy somewhere in the world as well!


Here’s a spot with lots of ketsup and well done burgers…diet cokes…it’s no McDonald’s tho…

Happy Hour Menu (trumpnationallosangeles.com)

Disclaimer: havent been wont be going

Mercado on Fairfax and Third has a decent happy hour menu. The salsa sucks but the queso and guacamole are good.



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Where I live it seems like a lot of places that used to have HH’s haven’t brought them back since Covid. I always look for the HH special menus though…

I live in Massachusetts - the first state to ban them. Back in the early 80’s we used to go to this really nice bar/restaurant on a small lake with beamed ceilings and beautiful views, fireplaces in the winter, open decks in the summer and on Friday nights during Happy Hour drinks were half price and they had a buffet of free appetizers including chicken wings and other substantial stuff. We used to get loaded on half-price White Russians and eat our dinner for free. That was cut short…