Happy Cafe in Oakland Chinatown

It on Webster 700 block. A Hong Kong take on Vietnamese noodles.

I my favorite is Shrimp and Crab Roe tomato noodles for 7.99. Have not try the other items since I like this too much (had it four times already). But they have a large menu and will try on my next visit. They also full menu of Hong Kong milk tea and etc. I am not fan so I did not order any.

I did see the plate rice plates and they look really good.

I will update after another visit.


How nice to see “Yimster” on this site.
Good memories of Oakland lunch chowdowns many years ago.
I visited Happy Cafe (723 Webster Street) for lunch some months ago and had the bun rieu but was not impressed. I am not an expert! the tomatoes were totally unripe (not unexpected for winter). But the price was right. Restroom is up a steep flight of stairs.

My sentiments exactly.

Well I came back with a few buddies and order more dishes.

We found we could order any type of noodle (egg, rice thin and flat noodles) with any bowl of toppngs.

We ordered the following

Crab and shrimp roe with tomato soup. The tomato were ripe enough on all our visits. Not prefect but ripe enough.

Chicken noodles (yellow feather chicken) too lean for my taste.

Lemon grass pork chops with rice 3 decent size chops well grilled and seasoned

We ordered these side dishes

Salt and Pepper Tofu and Chicken Wings

Deep Fried Fish Cake

Red Braised Chinese Beef Stew

All were well done expect I was not impressed with fish cake, I would order all the orders again.

They had Pork Belly but I was talked out of it by my friends as it was too fat.

A nice place for a nice simple meal.

Well to Joel I do remember the Chowdowns but that was then this now. Good times that have go down memory lane.