Hao Noodle [Manhattan]

Hao Noodle & Tea’s second outpost. Gorgeous main room with a huge skylight, and high tables along the side from the entrance opposite the kitchen.

Very busy already. Noodles, noodle soups, cold and warm small plates, a few dumplings, and a bbq skewer menu.

We only tried a couple of things this time, but I’ll be back… anyone been to the first location or this one? Likes/dislikes?

Pics of the Lashen chicken (loved) and sweet & sour ribs (meh). Seafood pancake was good, forgot to take a pic. Skewers and noodles at the next table looked really good.


We went to the new Chelsea location in August. The setting was attractive but I was underwhelmed by the food. Chongqing noodles were all right but I can get a better bowl in the mall near the university in my small Ontario (Canada) city. We also had Lu dried tofu (just okay) and grilled mushrooms. In Sietsema’s writeup on Eater, he posted a photo of a mushroom skewer, but what we got was a wrapped foil packet, heavy on butter. Prices seemed high for what was delivered. The crowd skewed quite young, mostly Asian, spent heavily and left much food on the table.