Hanoi, Vietnam

I don’t see anything from Vietnam, so I’ll throw this one out –https://johntannersbbqblog.wordpress.com/2021/02/08/quan-nuong-cay-sun-hanoi-vietnam-a-look-back/


Very enjoyable writing on your blog John.

(blush!) Thanks!

Would sure love to visit Hanoi, once this pandemic is over.

I’d like to visit too…I think. Daughter was there a few years ago for Habitat For Humanity a few years ago. Life changing and she loved it, but it wasn’t a vacation for her.

That’s tough - I have a friend who was in Sri Lanka on a Habitat for Humanity project last year: they were constructing houses in the middle of the jungle! :scream:

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Great read!

Hanoi is a gorgeous city. Great food. Insane traffic.

The throat-meltingly-bad air pollution is what keeps me from returning.

Thanks for the nice comments. Nancy liked Hanoi and the various side trips she took. I’d like to go there, but When it comes down to it, I’d rather go to France.

Thank you for the opportunity to take a journey of imagination. Much needed!

Happy to oblige! I hate the current limits on travel. We had to cancel a Danube cruise, a trip to start Kitts, and several US trips. I don’t know when I’ll get back to Paris.

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I’m going to assume that means St. Kitts. My mom’s family is from around those parts (Nevis).

Looking for any hints regarding why, how, when and where we can travel again.

We’re headed to St Thomas this weekend. You need to have a COVID test within 5 days.
We’ve flown with mask ad face shield – no problems. the airlines police face mask violations vigorously, including in the airports we’ve been in.
I’m not going near Europe for a while. The EU has really botched the vaccine.

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