Hanging out in Sacramento!

Well, I guess Bawk is going on the list.

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Looks tasty — I was thinking of this place this other day but may just have to stop. At the time I was “chickened out”… I can’t believe how many places offer chicken fried in its various forms.

Have you been to Urban Roots, their other restaurant/brewery? I recall some tasty items there as well.

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I have not! I looked it up, but didn’t think I could walk there. I am enjoying this walking thing!

Breakfast croissant, iced coffee at the N Street Cafe. Nice vibe, good sandwich , coffee, and service.


Today was Corti Brothers . No surprises, but a nice respite and a good (spicy molinari) sandwich.

My Airbnb accidentally sent someone to clean, and they had carted off some of my things when I got there.

Cans of ventresca tuna and some Van Leeuwen ice cream ream!

Not to mention some needed documents. :flushed: Can’t imagine what would have been missing if I didn’t send them to retrieve my things in the middle of the purge!

Stopped at Pedrick’s for cherries on the way home.

Waiting in line, lots of goodies!


a good (spicy molinari) sandwich.

Twas wrapped. In paper.


Thai Basil again, for the same Yum Nuah

I also got Curry Beef Noodle Salad


Please tell me you went to Babes for dessert afterwards.

How can you go wrong with ice cream and donuts?

I am tsking you for thinking desert after lunch on a Tuesday, but I did go to Ginger Elizabeth and the place next door, hunting for kouign amann.

ETA Babes is the place I went to after Ginger Elizabeth!

I have dessert after breakfast.

I would have dessert after dessert, if only I could get up early enough.

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I think Faria still makes kouign amann, and they are open during the week (unlike Moonbelly).

Thank you!
Thursday is my last day!

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Their pizzas are great.

Available friday nights

Back to Bawk for not salad. I got more fried chicken, on this, my second to last day.

This time I got a whole fried chicken, with a “medium sweet” heat. Mild to me, but aside from that, quite good, at least while still hot , and in case you haven’t noticed, I eat a relative lot of fried chicken.

I also got some “whole” chicken wings, as opposed to smaller “party” wings. Blue cheese “dip”. Haven’t tried them yet. I will be interested to see how they fare at room temp.


Last day of the regular visits? Hopefully all went well.

Perhaps it was the power of suggestion on the prior posts, but I tried Y.A.F.C.S.P (yet another fried chicken sandwich place). Wasn’t bad, but the $12.35 price for full sando + fries + drink somehow seemed like a bargain in this day and age.

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Yes; last day of six weeks of daily (except weekends) visits!
And of my place in Sacto.
And yes, it went unexpectedly well.


Last meal of this trip, back at Juno’s

The was the special grilled tuna sandwich. It was delicious!

I also got what I call chicken and bacon, my favorite!

And a cookie

Thank you all for hanging out with me!

BTW, from an earlier post

Why did I see no misery and pestilence?

Found it :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


The only good kouign amann I am aware of in Sacramento is at Faria. It delicious but in my opinion that whole store is $$$.

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My friend’s partner is one of the owners of Southside super. We go there on Saturday mornings as a family and order one of everything as their menu is small and always rotating. Everything is made fresh to order and just delicious. Plus, I have really taken a liking to eating Asian food for breakfast on weekends.

Moonbelly is in my opinion the best French bakery in Sacramento. Others are ok but distant runners up.

When I went there I think they called this a financier?

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