Handline [Sebastopol, CA]

Handline specializes in local Northern California seafood - rock cod, squid, oysters - which is surprisingly not very common in the Bay Area. Of course the produce is fresh and local. they also have burgers, meat tacos etc. we had the rock cod ceviche (nicely spiced in a citrus/vinegar sauce,) rock cod tacos (impeccably fresh and perfectly fried with a mound of shredded cabbage on homemade tortillas) and smoked trout salad. The portions are larger than I expected so we didn’t really need the salad which we took home. Beautiful outdoor space, nice selection of local wines and beers and even the cheeses are local. Order at the counter, take a number and sit. And oh yeah, Strauss soft serve. Can’t wait to get back and try some oysters (grilled and on the half shell).
Of course I always have to stop at Matos Cheese Factory (a misnomer if ever there was one, it’s a tiny farm) to get some of their Portuguese cow’s milk cheese.


They make one of my favorite burgers in wine country.

Next time save some room and head to nearby Psychic Pie for some of their buffalo soft serve with sea salt. Revelatory.

And while you’re there, get a take-and-bake pie to take home.


Ooh I love buffalo milk soft serve - thanks for the tip!

How are the fries at Handline? I saw a bunch go by and they looked tempting.

They are definitely one the Favorites for most most Folks around here. They also keep one of the Fryers for Gluten free items only which includes the Fries (which also endears them to many).


Their Pizza is good too. Pricey but Good

It really is quite astounding that you can find such great pizza in Sebastopol of all places.

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Windsor also has a great Pizza Place (where we go typically) Pizza Leah
There is also L’oro Di Napoli in Santa Rosa

Just 15 miles north, Pizza Leah in Windsor also has excellent pizza.

Haha - we overlapped. I love Pizza Leah

Just there last night :grin:

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@brisket44 @BierMonk
Thank you both for the recommendation for Pizza Leah.

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They are ok in my book.

I’m not a big fan of their fries personally, but I think that’s more of a “me” issue than a Handline issue.

Thanks for mentioning this new-to-me place. I’m putting it on my list!

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Went all in on the oysters this time - on the half shell, grilled and fried in a slider. Half shell and sliders were great, but I wasn’t so into the grilled, they were a little too big and not really hot enough. Fish taco too. They do happy hour every day from 3-6, so you can get a single fish taco for $7, fried oyster slider (two oysters) fro $8 if I recall. $8 red and white wines and some other items. The smoked trout and clam chowder sounded good but we didn’t have any stomach have room.

Also stopped in to Psychic Pie for some of their buffalo milk soft serve (thanks @ipsedixit), mine with olive oil and sea salt, kid with cookie crumble. Soo good, verrryy rich and super creamy. Picked up some of their sourdough pizza to take home and bake. Psychic Pie is literally across the street from Handline so you could get soft serve from each and do a side by side taste test.


I’m glad you enjoyed it.

It’s one of the reasons I stop off at Sebastopol when I’m in the wine country.

Good stuff. Tartine Manufactory used to serve buffalo milk soft serve, but stopped selling it a couple years ago, no idea why. I’ve read that McDonalds often has trouble with their soft serve machines, maybe they’re a hight maintenance piece of equipment?

No, they are not. They are easy to fix, and rarely break.

McDonald’s soft serve machines, and their “maintenance” is a product of McDonald’s corporate short sightedness.