Handing off pork buns in an Arcadia parking lot

The Delish Bao pastries come with warming instructions but they are excellent cold. The hot dog buns are similar to the ones I ate as a kid, only prettier. The bun is soft and fluffy, shiny and golden, wrapped around the sausage, which peeks out of both ends. It’s a sweet, rich, milky bread that sticks to the roof of your mouth. Pigs in a blanket never tasted so good.

The pork mayonnaise buns are especially indulgent, blanketed in pork floss and congealed mayonnaise. Warm the buns as instructed in the oven and the pork and mayonnaise melt as one into a glorious, crumbly, porky, fatty mess on top of the buns.

The menu shows some vegetarian options, in addition to those with meat:


That made me hungry, and I just finished breakfast.

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Great entrepreneurial spirit–very welcome in SOCAL.


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Sounds great; I’ll have to try. Fried mini mantou with condensed milk!

And many of the other buns are nostalgic. I remember walking in SF Chinatown on Sundays to buy these kinds of pastries (packaged up in the pink boxes) for my grandmother. Egg tarts, too.

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Thanks @ElsieDee - Thanks for the article - I sure hope to steer clear of those mayo bombs personally!

@ScottinPollock - if you scroll down in the LA times link you can see your philly ground beef thing it seems…


Well what do you know… it is actually a thing. But mayo, ketchup, lettuce and tomato? Un uh… but shrooms, peppers, and onions finished with soy and Worcestershire… yeah boy! (c;


Bouncing off pork buns but still handing off, we used to enjoy purchasing hot tamales in the parking lot of Walmart before it upscaled. Inexpensive, well made and delicious. Genial middleman, to us from Mama. He disappeared at some point, to our deficit. We looked for him for months then gave up. Wish his family well.

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