hand-pulled noodles at Shan Dong Best

Beneath the vegetables of bell pepper, tomato, celery, onion and the lamb are chewy-perfect hand-pulled noodles - Shan Dong Best’s Xinjian Noodle E1.
My apology for the redundancy.

Shan Dong Best
3741 Geary Blvd. at 2nd Avenue, San Francisco


Nice! What do you think of the sauce, and how did the noodles compare to the laghman you’ve had at Uyghur Taamliri?

I’ve been slowly eating my way through a killer bag of fish dumplings from Shan Dong Best.

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Shan Dong Best had excellent flavored, chewier noodles that pleased me more than the Laghman at Uyghur Taamliri.
I’ll taste those fish dumplings next. The menu is impressive.
They sell frozen dumplings at the restaurant?

Yes! The server grabbed a bunch from the freezer for me, and if I remember right, they weren’t already in bags. I’ve not done a side-by-side comparison, but I like the fish and the pork ones better than the frozen dumplings I’ve picked up from Kingdom of Dumpling and Sungari Dumpling.

I buy frozen dumplings from Shan Dong in Oakland - good tip on the fish dumplings at Shan Dong Best in SF, thank you.

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3 of us went to Shan Dong Best for lunch:

  1. pork and chive dumplings - nice
  2. hand made noodles rice noodles with peanuts, spicy oil - fine, but not too special
  3. green beans - nice
  4. sheng jian bao - disaster. the oil in which it was fried was rancid; the meat unrecognizable, tasting medicinal, and inedible. I politely told the waitress about this.

At the end, they still charged us for the sheng jian bao. I again politely told them that the dish was inedible - they could see that we none of us had finished even 1 bao. Then they adjusted our bill.

Cooking in rancid oil and questionable quality meat reflects on the restaurants standards. With all the other Chinese restaurant options nearby, I’d just skip this one.

Shan Dong in Oakland has been selling frozen dumpling since at least 1992. My office happened to be in Oakland then, and I was ecstatic to find them just after my jiaozi epiphany on my first Shanghai visit.

I wonder if the woman who made them right inside the front door is still there.

The laghman at Shandong Best appears to be a carbon copy of that served at their sister restaurant Shandong Deluxe, even using the same patterned plate. I wonder which has the better noodles now.

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