Hand mixer, immersion blender, bar blender

It’s a small appliance blowout!! Mix and blend to your heart’s content with these amazing values!!

Ok ok.

Braun multi quick Immersion Blender. Bought in ‘98 and possibly never used. The receipt is still in the box!! (Bed Barh and Beyond, Wilmette IL). Accessories still in their plastic wrap!

Sold for $25 originally. Asking $5 obo + shipping

Kitchenaid 5 speed hand mixer

Circa 90’s. Comes with standard beaters and blending rod. Also have the original manual

Asking $10 obo + shipping

Oster Pro series bar blender. All metal drive mechanism, super simple controls: Blend / Off / Pulse. Be the savior of your Margarita party.

Current equivalent models go for around $80-100.

Asking $10 obo + shipping

As always, I’m willing to deliver (free!) within any reasonable drive of the greater Sacramento area.

I’m pretty sure I have the same Braun. Is this one made in Spain, too?



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