Hand cut, knife-shaved, and other Chinese wheat noodles (SFBA/Norcal)

I tend to think the volume of noodle business the shop does is an important determining factor on the freshness. If a shop has a small noodle section on the menu and doesn’t move a lot of noodles, I am skeptical about the hand-made claim in the first place and probably don’t particularly trust the freshness. On the flip side, I don’t particularly mind if there isn’t a person making noodles on site if the place moves a ton of noodles.

Supermarket noodles are sub-optimal. They have preservatives and so by definition they aren’t the freshest.

Hand-rolled noodles (手擀面) at ASJ in San Jose. See old CH thread

Hunan Home (Inner Sunset) has knife shaved noodles

I think you mean Sichuan Home.

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and Sichuan Home is in the Inner Richmond

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ICYMI, you might find this 13-minute video of a chef in Xi’an making spinach noodles instructive.

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direct youtube link to video:


Forgive me for my Trumpish self-congratulation, but this video finally made a big splash almost a year after I posted it here. MAKING NOODLES GREAT AGAIN

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I remember another noodle-making video from the early-90’s TV show, “The Nineties”. It showed the chef starting out with a ball of dough, stretching it out again and again, but once the noodles were formed the video went in reverse, until there was just a ball of dough again. I played it many times looking for the reversal point. Sadly, I can’t find it online, and I have a videocassette copy but nothing to play it on.

This one? The noodles are made backwards first then forward, beginning just after the 20 minute mark:


That’s it! How did you find it?

I remembered it backwards, starting and ending with the ball of dough.

I went to Yum Noodles today at 1pm. The wait was absurd. At least 20 people waiting outside. Has anyone been? Are they good?

I went to their original location 2-3 years ago and found the broth to be outstanding in two noodle dishes (one was a pickled something with pork IIRC). The rice noodles were advertised as their specialty, so I skipped the wheat noodles, which, at least at the time, were not hand-made/pulled according to someone I spoke to.

Which one is the original location?

Santa Clara. The Fremont one is new.

Yeah, that one is the one I failed to get in today.

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
Credit: inkelv1122, Flickr