Hamentaschen (Manhattan)

It’s been years since I’ve had one, but I love the way hamentaschen look.

I will say that Hamentaschen I’ve had in the past (grabbed, most likely, at the corner deli) never tasted as good as they looked. The fillings were fine, but the dough was stodgy and dull. (I doubt it contained any butter.) Can anyone here recommend a source in Manhattan—a decent bakery, maybe—for better hamentaschen?


No first-hand experience (so my advice may not be that valuable), but Russ & Daughters sells them, and everything else they sell is good, so…

Try Breads Bakery

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Great suggestions, thanks.

You’re welcome! I hope I’m right!

This is obviously not NYC, but I just ordered some from Zingerman’s - I haven’t ordered them in about 10 years, but they were amazing last time I did so.

Kind thanks for the Zingerman’s link, sallyt!

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Breads Bakery for sure. Highest recommendation (New Yorker here.)

My sentimental favorite for rugelach in NYC is Russ+Daughters, and while I haven’t had the hamentaschen, I’d be very tempted to try there, as well.

I don’t know where you’re located, but I’d imagine Zabars has them seasonally, and their rugelach is very good so I’d be optimistic. Another place to try is Kossars on the LES.

I’d call both to ask if they have them and when.

I look forward to following up on your suggestions. Thank you all.

Am embarrassed to say that I’ve never been to Breads Bakery. Their babka has been a big deal for years, and I’ve always meant to stop in. Now I will.

Kossar’s was a regular stop when I lived on the LES, but that was years ago. A field trip to Kossar’s and Russ & Daughters would make for a great afternoon.

Am often at Zabar’s, and Zingerman’s could ship to my “hamantaschen-curious” brother in New Orleans.

All my bases are covered, I think! Again, you’ve all been very helpful, and thanks.


Hungarian Pastry Shop, up near Columbia. Generally they have apricot (shown), prune, poppy seed, perhaps raspberry.


While you’re down here on the LES, throw in these guys and make it a trifecta:

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Andre’s on the UES probably has them too, now that you mentioned Hungarian pastry!

Am chewing on my screen thanks to Dave’s hamantaschen shot, and now have glass shards embedded in my molars. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: It’s been years since I’ve been to the Hungarian Pastry Shop, Dave, but I’m adding it to my list. Thanks.

A LES trifecta! Moishe’s is a great idea, small_h. (“Moishe’s” rings a bell. Wasn’t there a Moishe’s on Second Avenue at one time?)

Not familiar with Andre’s, Saregama, so thanks for the lead!

There was - it closed a couple of years ago. But that was Moishe’s, and the one on Grand Street is Moishe’s Kosher. Don’t mix up your Moishes!

“Don’t mix up your Moishes!”

Words to live by!

Yep. I used to be a regular at their former 7th St. location. I just reserved some hamantashn (and also a babka and some rugelach) there (or course at the remaining Grand St. location) for early Wednesday afternoon pickup. I love the mon (poppy) hamantashn and danishes there.

The full name of the 7th St. shop was Moishe’s Kosher Bake Shop. They are the same. The proprietor of the former shop on 2nd Ave. is the uncle of the proprietor of the shop on Grand St., and they make the same items.

Oh! The 2nd Ave. one did not come up as Moishe’s Kosher in my searches. And I’m more familiar with the other one, 'cause I walk by it almost every day.

Our daughter and son-in-law live on the UES. She told me she just bought hamantaschen at the newly-opened branch (at 90th &1st) of the LES Michaeli Bakery. I presume the flagship has them as well. I’ve not been to either location but have read only positive things about their baked goods.