Hamburg eats ? Ottensen as an area ?

I will be brief - any Hamburg recs - from beer halls to Bratwurst and beyond, but not the Reeperbahn.

Specifically does anyone know if Ottensen is food paradise or desert -am considering staying there…and if not there - where ??

Thanks in advance

Hey everyone

Does no one have any ideas on Hamburg ?
Will I be forced into scouring the dreaded TA lists ?!
Please help if you can !!

Here is a list of places I would recommend in Hamburg:

Cafe Leonar near the Uni
Pauline near St. Pauli, I prefer this one to Leonar, but both are good breakfast options.

Cafe Paris in City Center
O-ren Ishi in City Center

Ice Cream:
Luciella’s in St. Pauli

Vienna Bistrot

Thanks Lecker. Sadly got back two weeks ago! Best place we ate was a Lebanese place in Ottensen. Cafe Libonnais. Recommended :slight_smile:

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