[Halifax] Elder

In the normal course of events, we’d run a mile from somewhere that describes itself as doing “quirky British dining”. What they don’t describe is why they call themselves Elder. Is it something related to older people? Or is it the northern name for cooked cow’s udders? Or something else? But enough of these matters. We were looking round the town’s impressive Piece Hall, built in 1779 and came across it at lunch time.

It’s a small place with a short lunchtime menu with nothing actually “quirky” about it. There’s hot sandwiches, some snacky brunch dishes and few bigger plates. A four cheese muffin oozed a combination of cheddar, brie, a blue and another that’s now forgotten. Bags of flavour here and a big handful of mixed salad to contribute to the five a day. Crispy lamb breast came with roasted carrots and parsnips, the sweetness of the veg offset by crispy kale and mint sauce. Lamb seemed an entirely appropriate thing to be eating in a building originally used to trade “pieces” of woollen cloth. We both took a side order of roasted new potatoes which did help to bulk out what might otherwise be said to be restrained portioning.