Half moon - keansburg, nj

Shout out to @CurlzNJ who posted this place in another thread. I’ve been following their IG and we invited some friends for an early dinner tonight. It’s outside only (the restaurant is in progress with hopes of being open by September or so). I have now lived within 20 minutes of this town for 10 years and never been. It’s right off the beach and we did a beach walk after eating.

I had a margarita which was delicious and strong. Everyone else had beers. The food was good. Smaller portions but very fresh. The fish tacos, sliders and tomato panini being the stars. I was sad they were out of clam strips. Shishito peppers were good but pretty standard. Very chill and accommodating to us with kids.

All in all, absolutely would return. Nice vibe. Easy. Not pretentious. I have high hopes for their full blown restaurant experience.


We will be heading there Thursday, looking forward to it and it’s one of the owners 50th bday as well.


So excited you’ve tried it! Definitely looks like a spot I’d enjoy, and I’m happy to hear it’s eventually worth the ride. :slight_smile:

If you’ve been thinking about going to Half Moon, here’s a great excuse to do so! This band is talented and also really knows how to bring the FUN!


Tonight’s event has been cancelled due to the weather, rescheduled for July 8

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